So I've decided to do a series of "jazz musings," thoughts on jazz, improvisation, and jazz teaching in general. Should be getting started later this week.


Lou Cero
06/13/2012 08:59

You seem to be one of the few guys on the Jazz Guitar Forum
who has a clue at all Most of those guys seem like clowns
who can't really play
You also are into good music- not that guitar crap that most of those foolish white boys like
My point here is - do you have any rare /unissued material
that you are looking to trade
I have a ton of live material by Miles Coltrane George Benson
Pat Martino Grant Green Monk Joe Henderson Herbie Hancock
Wes Lonnie Smith George Coleman Konitz to name a few
If you are interested please email me back
If not sorry to take up your time


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